Friday, 3 October 2014

My Endometriosis Tattoo

Endometriosis comes with so many struggles and obstacles that you have to fight to overcome. It can sometimes feel like a burden, stopping you from doing small things such as completing daily task. On the larger scale, it can stop you from achieving your dreams. It can become overwhelming and take over your life. Some days it feels like there'll be no relief from the pain.

For that reason, a few weeks ago I mustered up some courage (or some may see it as a moment of madness!) and I went for an endo tattoo! I wanted something feminine that also represented the strength and courage needed to endure this chronic illness. Here is the result:

Now I'm not going to lie.... IT HURT! A LOT! But all I could remind myself was that if I can get through endo pain, I could certainly get through a tattoo. I am so happy with the result. Now during times of struggle, I can look down at my tattoo and remind myself of my strength. During happier times it will be a reminder of what I have overcome.