Thursday, 30 January 2014

Endometriosis: Can Someone Lend Me Their Hope?

I am really struggling. Endometriosis seems to be taking a hold over my life and I seem to be giving it much more control than I would like. But I'm struggling to do anything different. I'm totally fed up of fighting the pain, taking medication and more than anything, I'm fed up of waiting for better days.

For nearly three weeks straight, I've had continuous heavy bleeding with clots. I'm used to this and have experienced it before, but never to the level and heaviness it has been recently. It has really worried me and I've felt quite scared at times. I went to my doctors who prescribed Mefenamic Acid and Tranexamic Acid to help reduce the flow and pain. Along with more Tramadol. My doctor explained that when we have clots with our bleeding, our cervix goes into contractions in order to pass the clots. Which in turn, causes us even more pain. I felt quite optimistic leaving the appointment, especially after talking to a GP that actually had knowledge on Endometriosis.

At the moment, I feel like I'm back at square one. The pain is so intense. I am terrified that my Endometriosis has got worse. I just have a gut feeling about it and know that its progressed again. It's worrying me that I cant do anything about the pain apart from resorting to morphine. I'm running out of ideas. I've asked for a letter to be sent to the hospital, to see if my referral could be prioritised.

I'm frustrated at the situation I find myself in. I'm frightened of the unknown and above all, I'm so fed up of hoping. Can someone please lend me their hope?


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Endometriosis: My Daily Challenges - Shower/Bath

Daily Challenge 2: Shower/Bath

A daily challenge when I have pain from Endometriosis burning up inside of me, is managing to get in and out of the shower/bath. Does anyone else need to sit down and have a rest once they come out of the shower?! Please say it's not just me! It can be exhausting! What some people take for granted can cause me so much pain! The energy it can take to carry out this simple task when you have Endo is unbelievable. The challenges I face can include:

  • Firstly, finding the energy/strength to go in!
  • Standing up in the shower, trying to wash your hair when you're in pain is no easy task!
  • If having a bath, (yes I know I get to lie down in between) but the energy it takes me to get in and don't mention getting back out of the bath is unreal. A few times I've panicked thinking I'm going to be stuck in there Either from pain and I've found myself not being able to move, or literally zero energy!  Let me assure you, it wouldn't be a pretty sight for whoever would have to come and help me!!
  • Drying afterwards. By this time I just want to sit down!
  • Now for my hair. To dry or not to dry?! By this point I would have had to have a rest. Given myself ten minutes to recompose. Do I go through the whole process of blow drying, brushing, straightening my hair or leave it au natural and end up with a frizzy mess. Any spoonie will tell you that you need to prioritise your spoons. Frizzy mess it is then... 
  • PJ's back on & rest!!

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Endometriosis: My Daily Challenges - Stairs

Having Endometriosis can impact all area's of your life. I find it presents me with daily challenges. So, I'm going to share with you some of these challenges in the *hope* that I'm not alone! Hopefully it may also help those without a chronic illness to understand how such simple daily tasks can zap ALL of our energy or cause so much pain!

Daily Challenge 1: The Stairs

Having a bad day with Endometriosis and climbing the stairs. Mine don't seem to mix.. The staircase in my house only has 13 little steps. 13 footsteps to get from A to B. From downstairs to upstairs. Some people can run up them. Others can take them two steps at a time. For me, every step is a challenge... You know you have Endometriosis when you just about make it to the top of the stairs, (having to stop two or three times during the process!!) to crawl to your bedroom and collapse on your bed. Then, needing to take two Tramadols whilst stuck lying on the bed waiting for the enormous surge of pain in your stomach/lower back to pass. This was my challenge today!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Endometriosis Awareness Event: Endomarch 2014

Thursday 13th March. The day of the Endomarch 2014. Put it in your diary, it's a date to remember! This is the date when Endometriosis Awareness will be shouted from the rooftops. It will take place in many country capitals, including;
  • Athens
  • Berlin
  • Dubai
  • Johannesburg
  • London
  • Mexico City
  • Rome
  • Stockholm
  • Washington D.C ......... AND MANY, MANY MORE! 
This is an internationally coordinated campaign where Endometriosis sufferers, their friends, families and doctors, will all come together to raise awareness. Hopefully the impact of this will make people stop and listen. People will hear our pleas for more awareness and our hear voices when we explain our struggles.

Sound's great right? I will hopefully be attending the Endomarch in London.

Around 176 million women worldwide suffer from Endometriosis. A chronic illness that to many people is invisible. But to those who suffer from it, it can turn their lives upside down. Much more awareness is needed about Endometriosis. The Endomarch will be a perfect opportunity to do just that!

The goals of this march falls within three categories..

  • To Empower
  • To Educate
  • To Effect Change

Come and join us in taking a stand against Endometriosis. Let us educate each other on this awful illness. Promote education within the medical field too. Once this is achieved, we can help change the outcome. How about finding a cure? Better diagnostics? Better treatment?

Anything will be possible... so let's start by marching!

Who's with me??

Click here to find more information from the official Endomarch website.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Endosisters: People like us..

"People like us, we've gotta stick together..." 

Endometriosis binds us all together. So who better to talk to when we feel like we're sinking into a world full of pain and despair? The answer... Endosisters! There is nothing better than talking to someone who knows exactly how you are feeling, understands what type of pains you are having, or has experienced the next treatment you have to 'try'. Having people who understand that daily life with Endo, can sometimes, get a little too much, is a massive benefit. Endosisters know that you may be overcome with emotions one day and struggling to get through the pain, but ready to fight the world the next day! But they will always be there. Good times and bad. Helping each other through. That's why we stick together.

The words to this song I think are so fitting & gave me a massive boost when I first heard it!


"We come into this world unknown

But know that we are not alone
They try and knock us down
But change is coming, it's our time now

Hey… everybody loses it,

Everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes
And hey… yeah I know what you're going through
Don't let it get the best of you, 
you'll make it out alive

Oh People like us, we've gotta stick together

Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever
Here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten
It's hard to get high when you're living on the bottom

Oh whoa oh oh whoa oh

We are all misfits living in a world on fire
Oh whoa oh oh whoa oh
Sing it for the people like us, the people like us

Hey, this is not a funeral

It's a revolution, after all your tears have turned to rage
Just wait, everything will be okay
Even when you're feeling like it's going down in flames..."


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Endometriosis: My Top 10 Posts Of 2013

Here you will find the 'Top 10' posts from my blog during 2013. 
I hope you enjoy these posts and more than anything else, I hope you will be able to relate to them!

Thanks for reading my blog!


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  7. Endometriosis & The Spoon Theory
  8. Endometriosis: My Depression Diagnosis
  9. The Definition Of Endosisters
  10. Endometriosis: Don't Judge Us!

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Battle Of The Swollen Stomach...Part 3

My endometriosis battle continues. The part that I seem to be most at war with is the 'swollen stomach'. It was June 2011 when I first posted about the swelling, (click here to view) so right now, I feel defeated. When it swells, it literally blows up and at that moment there is nothing I can do about it. People would actually think I'm pregnant. I used to have my 'favourite black cardigan' that I'd wear as a comfort to hide the swelling. Even that won't hide it these days. It's so depressing. It's embarrassing. Along with the ballooning size, also comes pain and the feeling of being so uncomfortable to the point where even breathing hurts. You can't sit, stand or lay down without feeling awkward. 

Everything is a struggle.

Here's a picture of my stomach when it started to swell...and this is not the worst it gets. It gets bigger. Much bigger. Much to my disappointment and resistance. But I have no control over it and that's what I'm struggling with. The unpredictably. The lack of control.

Are any other endosisters finding this particular battle a hard one to fight?