Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Day In The Life Of An Endo Girl - 16/04/13

Seeing as I've named my Blog 'My Endo Diary' I've decided to start this project, 'A Day In The Life Of An Endo Girl' to portray just a snippet of a day with Endometriosis. Women with Endo are not lazy. Some, such as myself suffer daily pain. Chronic pain. Sometimes mild, sometimes exhausting, sometimes severe. Small things hurt massively. What some people take for granted doing, can take all of my energy. Even down to doing the dishes or making food. Endo is unpredictable. Tomorrow may be a better day. It may be worse. If I look or sound OK one day it doesn't mean I'm better. I'm either hiding the pain from you (I've become quite good at this), having an 'up and down day' (explained below) or on the rare chance having a good day. Every day with Endo for me, is different. However at the moment, they all contain some sort of pain. So here's my first entry.


5:45am Woken up by Endo pains, stabs in my hips. The need to go to the toilet, a nightly ritual. However, tonight this is the first time, it's normally the 2nd or 3rd time by now. I never have a full nights sleep without waking for some reason.

6:08am Lying in bed rubbing my legs and hips trying to alleviate pain and find a comfy way to lay. Not wanting to give into painkillers this early on in the day..
6:57am Awake again. This normally starts around 2-3am. Should I be grateful insomnia & Endo have given me a slight break?
9:30am Awake. Changed. Washed. Hair done. Ate breakfast. Now need a sit down! Smallest things zap ALL of my energy some days.
10:35am Taking my mother to the Hospital to have some stitches removed following her operation on her hand for Carpal Tunnel 2 weeks ago. Feeling achy.
11:25am Sitting in the Hospital waiting room. Massive Endo stabs in my left Ovary. Hoping people don't notice as I seem to be leaning further and further forward on the chair trying to hold my stomach & hide the pain. Embarrassing.
Tramadol taken.
11:45am Started to drive home. Didn't make it out of the car park before pulling over due to stabbing ovary pains. Also getting a lot of breast tenderness and shooting pains.
12:30pm Home, finally! Cramps. Pains in my stomach, left side, right side above belly button and ovary. Frustrated. Sitting on my bed trying to recompose myself.
1:10pm Painting my nails. Take my mind off things..Painted nails always makes me happy :)
3:37pm Made food. Cramps starting from standing too long. Stabbing pains down my legs. On the upside, just received email confirmation for a competition I won last week - to be in the audience of Loose Women next week, a live lunchtime chat show in the UK. Excited! 
6:45pm Started feeling 'not quite with it around 5pm. Really drowsy. More of an unwell feeling. Pains in my back & stomach. 2nd Tramadol taken. Hot water bottle & blanket on the sofa. Not moving.
9:30pm So tired. Moody. Tried putting dishes away but got so frustrated 'cos I couldn't put things away properly due to pain. Gave up. Just sat back down, had a huge sharp pain in my leg, thought I had sat on a pin or something! Made me such luck tho - it's just Endo playing games.
11:10pm Time for bed. The sleepless, painful cycle will start again. It's been exhausting today but please note this has not been what I call one of 'my bad days'. This has been an 'up and down day'.

In my Mother's words on reflection at the end of the day...

        "Today wasn't your best day; But it wasn't your worst either"

Much more awareness of what we Endo girls go through daily is needed.

Much more.

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