Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Endometriosis: It's here to stay

So, its the time of my AF again.. and again the pains are back. Truthfully speaking, even though my period was due this week, I have been spotting and bleeding for the last two weeks already which I have been a bit concerned about. This used to happen before I was diagnosed. Over the last few days, everything has seemed to rise up a level. Swollen stomach, cramps, leg pain, hip pain, backache, cystitis, pain underneath & bleeding.

I know this scenario oh so well!

I honestly thought after my second laparoscopy in February, I wouldn't be in this situation again. I didn't expect to be totally pain free, however I at least thought these days would be behind me. But they're not. I have come to the conclusion Endo pains are always going to be present. Two op's later I'm better, but not right.

Endometriosis still manages to surprise me... following no rules or boundaries...