Sunday, 28 August 2011

Who has the control? Endometriosis Vs Me...

Last night was one of the worst nights I've had in a long long time. It started on Thursday when I had my review with the specialists at the hospital. As I've mentioned before I had the mirena coil inserted in February during my lap. I started taking norethisterone in June due to continuous bleeding, it's now nearly September and even though bleeding is light I'm still on every day :( So during the review I was advised to stop the norethisterone (which I have been taking four times a day) and start taking the combined pill again. The reason they explained for this is that the coil and norethisterone both produce proestrogen. They believe too much of this hormone has caused upset and continuous bleeding.

So since changing meds Thursday and Friday I was still bleeding but pain wise ok.. I felt extremely positive leaving the review on Thursday. I was happy we were trying something new and felt I was making progress. Last night was a whole different story. I started bleeding a lot heavier than I normally do daily. Which inevitably brought on cramps..huge cramps. By 10 pm they were getting more frequent. At 11 pm they were constant. I ended up curled up on my living room floor for an hour and half stuck as I couldn't move due to the pain and cramps. I haven't had them that bad since February/March time. Between 7:30 pm and 1 am I had taken four Tramadol's, four Buscopan's and took two of the norethisterone's to see if it would help. Not one bit. Got to bed around 3 am, must of had only a few hours sleep. Today I feel exhausted! I'm fed up.

To add to the worry I am going away to Mexico with my friends for two weeks on Sunday. I am terrified I'm going to be in that much pain on holidays it will just ruin it for me. I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday so will see what they advise. For the time being I feel each time I make slight progress, I get knocked back massively. I've heard the saying 'You have Endo, Endo does not have You'.....right at this moment I feel it does have me. I have no control over it. I just don't know what to do next or more importantly I don't know what the Endo will do next..

Excuse me while I scream... AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Is Endo Winning...??